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What is Gluten and How Might it Affect You:

Gluten is the main protein found in wheat.

In many people the body reacts to gluten as if it was a virus and attacks it and the surrounding tissue. This immune response damages surrounding tissue and has the potential to set off, or exacerbate, many other health problems throughout your body, which is why gluten can have such a devastating effect on your overall health.

Gluten sensitivity exists in a spectrum from full blown Celiac Disease, which affects one in 100 Australians, to subclinical sensitivity. Even the most severe Celiac Disease is frequently misdiagnosed, and many with Celiac Disease may not even be aware of the cause of their suffering as they have yet to demonstrate the classic GI symptoms which can include abdominal bloating, gas, cramping and diarrhoea.

However the effects of gluten sensitivity range far beyond the gut and include low energy, fatigue, brain fog, skin rashes, numbness in the extremities, fibromyalgia, muscle and joint pain — even problems with coordination. For many, the long term consequences can be devastating.
Product Order Codes:

U 01  500g Boxed Fusilli
U 02  500g Boxed Penne
U 03  500g Bagged Fusilli
U 04  500g Bagged Penne

Case quantity: 10 x 500 grams
At last, a true gluten free alternative to traditional wheat based pasta that doesn’t end up sticky or turn to mush!

Made with pure rice flour (not like some of our competitors who use cheaper corn and rice starch) Urbano gluten free rice pasta has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, is low GI and nutritionally balanced. A delicious way for the whole family to enjoy the health benefits of a gluten free diet without having to compromise on quality or taste.

'The best gluten free pasta we've ever had in-store, tastes like real pasta' - Julie Blackley - Poowong Natural Health Store