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Welcome to Fresh Food Enterprises

With an underlying passion for the goods we distribute, we strive to source only the 'best of the best' products available from leading Australian and International suppliers.

In providing these to you we select only those products that are 100% completely natural made without any artificial flavours, colours or additives. Our range includes gluten free, sugar free, organic, allergen friendly and most importantly, delicious yet affordably priced nutritious foods and drinks.

At Fresh Food we believe when it comes to health and wellbeing its more important about what we leave out compared to what our competitors put in.

We take pleasure in introducing you to our healthier range of products and invite you to discover the unique nutritional and flavourful qualities that have made Fresh Food products the preferred choice for discerning consumers.

Latest News:
We are extremely excited to have launched the new range of healthy convenience meals from Dr. McDougall's Right Foods. Nutritionally balanced, incredibly delicious and affordably priced.

Also new to our product range are the tastiest, juiciest gummy candies we think you will have ever tried. New from Tasty Brand our organic gummies are gluten free, gelatin free, vegan as well as being non GMO, nut, egg and dairy free.

What's New - Zero Slim & Healthy Pasta's & Rice with Zero Carbs!

A bowl full of noodles may seem like an unlikely weight-loss aid, but Zero Slim & Healthy Noodles can help you lose weight by keeping you full longer and improve your health.

Made of a soluble dietary glucomann fibre, derived from the Konjac plant, which has shown beneficial effects, backed by medical researches, to lower cholesterol and high blood sugar which can prevent heart disease and diabetes, to aid the digestive system, assisting with elimination and the prevention of constipation and diverticulosis.* Glucomann fibre has also been scientifically proven to make you feel full faster and to be helpful as part of any weight loss, low carb diet program or weight management.

And with only 5 calories per serve, you can eat Zero Slim & Healthy Noodles every day without gaining weight and improve your health at the same time.

Vitalia Fruit Diet Compotes
Finest quality fruits beautifully presented in sturdy glass jars, diabetic friendly, low GI, gluten free and kosher certified

Vitalia Muesli & Granola
Premium ingredients, high quality without the usual residue cereal powders or broken grains, vitamin enriched and up to 50% cheaper than comparative quality products
V for Vitality Cereals & Bars
Affordable breakfast cereals and wholegrain cereal bars that are high fibre, low fat and packed with vitamins and minerals

Vitalia Diet Jams
Premium quality, low sugar diet jams with 55% fruit content. Sweetened naturally with fructose from fruit, low calorie & gluten free
Vitalia Soya Vita
Dry roasted 'edamame' soya beans
GMO Free, low fat, high protein and rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals

Vitalia SoVita Soy Milk Powder
Natural vegetarian soy milk powdered drinks, lactose and sucrose free, cholesterol free vitamin enriched and GMO Free
Vitalia RiceVita Rice Milk Powder
Natural vegetarian rice milk powdered drinks, lactose and sucrose free, cholesterol free, vitamin enriched and GMO Free
Vitalia Premium Functional Bars
Healthy affordable and delicious snacks enriched with vitamins, low fat, high fibre, vegetarian and kosher certified

Dr McDougal's Asian Entree's
Incredibly flavoursome instant noodles that are low fat, low sodium, completely vegan and made without MSG and non GMO

Dr McDougall's low Sodium Soups
Delicious low sodium instant soups with up to 75% less sodium than competitors products, low fat, MSG free and non GMO

Dr McDougall's Big Cup Instant Soups
Classic instant noodle soups with a twist, incredibly tasty without the high sodium, high fat content of competitor's products.
Vegan ingredients, low fat and low calorie.
Dr McDougall's Organic Soups
Australia's only chunky style soup in a tetra pack, organic and gluten free, low fat, low sodium, vegan and BPA free packaging
COCO Exposed Coconut Water
Pure coconut water blended with natural fruit juices and 10% aloe vera juice and pulp, packed full of vitamins, minerals

Zevia Sugar Free Natural Soft Drinks
Australia's only 100% natural sugar free soft drinks, sweetened naturally with stevia, zero calorie, zero carbs & definitely no aspartame

ALO Aloe Vera Drinks
Award winning functional drinks blending 25% aloe vera juice and pulp with natural fruit juices - our #1 selling product

Hint Mint Designer Peppermints
Premium quality mints with intense natural flavours beautifully presented in collectable metal tins. Kosher certified and vegan.
Think Thin Nutrition Bars
Sugar free, gluten free, high protein nutrition bars that are kosher certified and have only 1-2g net carbs per serve. Best of all, they actually taste delicious.
Tasty Brand Gluten Free Organic Gummies
Deliciously soft and full of natural fruit flavour,
fat free, dairy free non GMO, and made
without gelatin
Vivani Organic Chocolate
Premium organic chocolate at affordable prices. Made with pure raw cane sugar, kosher certified and no soy lecithin
Zero Slim & Healthy Pasta
With only 5 calories per serve Zero Pasta is a great way to loose weight whilst enjoying a natural, organic and gluten free product that is also deliciously tasty.
Springlife Organic Instant Noodles
Certified organic instant noodles, comparatively low in sodium, cholesterol free, low fat and made without MSG
Halter Sugar Free Bonbons
Finest quality Swiss made natural fruit bonbons, sugar free and sweetened with isomalt. Gluten free, fat free, certified tooth friendly and Aspartame free